Product Description

UPHO is a versatile bead beater device designed for rapid, high-throughput and efficient disruption and homogenization of up to 64 samples simultaneously. UPHO comes with a wide range of sample adapters providing sample flexibility as well as delivering reliable and consistent, high quality results.

Developed for routine as well as difficult and hard-to-disrupt samples, UPHO is compatible with 3 types of grinding and thoroughly and quickly lyses a wide variety of biological sample types including plant and animal tissues, cells, bacteria and yeast. Each sample is simultaneously disrupted and homogenized by high-speed shaking with glass, ceramic or metal beads, depending on the sample type and subsequent application.

The homogenization speed and duration parameters are digitally controlled and can be rapidly programmed through UPHO’s easy-to-use, touch screen interface. Protocols developed for your samples can be saved to the on-board memory allowing consistent day-to-day use of the UPHO by different Scientists working on the same sample types.

Geneye offers different and material choices of UPHO processing beads, allowing the grinding process to be optimized for complete and efficient sample disruption-homogenization compared to other available methods. If your samples are temperature sensitive, with UPHO, you can easily adjust the homogenization speed limiting the sample temperature increase during processing. If your samples need to be cooled or frozen for processing, UPHO has the full range of sample adaptors you need for cryogenic cooling.