Product Description

Providing simultaneous sample shaking and heating, the MiMixer system ensures effective sample processing with a single device.
Versatile – This device is dedicated to Life Sciences laboratories for a wide range of applications including DNA/RNA sample preparation; lysis for extraction of cellular components; enzymatic reaction; transformation; cultivation of bacteria and yeast and more. Its adaptability is even increased with the complete range of interchangeable adaptors for tubes available (from 0.2 mL to 50 mL tubes).
Easy to Use – Stored protocol, shortcut functions and quick short spin make MiMixer a lab-friendly device with reduced risk for wrong protocol to be applied.
Efficient – With shaking speed up to 1800 rpm and heating up to 100°C, the MiMixer unit provides efficient processing. Furthermore, the precise and rapid control of speed and temperature speeds up the sample preparation.